Silvana’s 5 Pantry Essentials

My pantry is a myriad of wonderful ingredients and sometimes can be bordering on over the top!
How many olive oils, vinegars & condiments does one need? I say as many as you can use.
A well stocked pantry makes cooking so much easier. I have many must haves in my pantry that I use constantly.


Here’s my Top 5 ~

1. Tasman Sea Salt – harvested from the pristine waters of Tasmania’s East Coast this sea salt is the passion of Chris Manson & Alice Liang. A pure white salt flake packed with trace elects and minerals and high in potassium.
I love the feel of this product and the fact that you need to use less as it has an intense saltiness but is lower in sodium than most other salts.

2. San Giacomo Agro di Mosto – I have many balsamics in my pantry but this one I seem to use the most. I use this for my salads as it’s been barrel aged for just 2-3 years. It is fresh & bright with a good hit of acidity and finishes with a full fruit flavour. It is also great to add a little to the pan when deglazing (in place of wine) when cooking dark meats such as beef or venison.

3. Lirah Reserve Chardonnay Vinegar – made in Queensland by vinegar master Ian Henderson, this vinegar is been aged in oak for up to 3 years. It’s rich, complex with a sweetness yet a balanced acidity to finish. Just add extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper for a simple but stunning dressing for your salad greens. Great also on natural oysters.

4. Porcini powder – my secret ingredient to so many dishes! This is nature’s own MSG, used sparingly it just boosts flavours. It will add another layer to your dishes.
I add it to my hearty soups and stews to boost other flavours.
For the perfect steak. I rub my steaks with a little porcini powder, salt, pepper and olive oil before I cook them and it makes all the difference.

5. La Lidia Sweet Smoked Paprika – I can’t live without smoked paprika. It adds a delicate smokey flavour to your dishes, try rubbing a chicken with a little smoked paprika and olive oil before roasting. Delicious!

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