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  • Scheduled cooking classes
  • Private parties
  • Corporate events
  • Hen’s day celebrations
  • Team building days
  • Employee incentive rewards
  • Cheese education classes
  • Specialised cheese workshops
  • Meet the producer events

Oven Sponsored by AGA Australia

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Our cooking school provides an enjoyable, practical experience for small to medium groups. With passionate and experienced teachers on hand Truckle and Co can guide your guests through a serious session to a light-hearted class and all the levels between. Matched with premium wines and ciders if desired, let Truckle and Co create a special class or workshop to suit your needs.

  • 18 Jul Silvana’s 5 Pantry Essentials

    My pantry is a myriad of wonderful ingredients and sometimes can be bordering on over the top! How many olive oils, vinegars & condiments does one need? I say as many as you can use. A well stocked pantry makes cooking so much easier. I......

  • 18 Sep New Classes 2017

    We have a great line up of classes coming up at Truckle and Co with Silvana. If you would like to master a new skill or do something fun with friends, these are for you. They even make great gifts! Download the full description of Classes......

  • 12 May Mini Classes & More!

    Behold the all new mini class! Bookings are essential. See below for the full schedule of upcoming classes....